Jesse Eisenberg Reveals His Most Challenging Scene in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

By January 11, 2016

There’s a lot that fans are worried about going into this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but perhaps the biggest, is whether or not Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is going to live up to fans’ expectations, especially after the questionable and divisive decisions that have been made with this iteration of the character. Eisenberg has already fallen under a large amount of criticism for his acting as the character over the past few months, with the somewhat outrageous persona being marketed in the trailers, and the hand his character seems to be playing in the film’s main conflict.

This isn’t necessarily anything new considering that the choice has fallen under enormous amounts of scrutiny ever since Eisenberg’s initial casting in the role, and while he’s proven himself to be a more-than-capable actor in basically anything he does, fans still can’t quite seem to give him the benefit of the doubt. Although, in just a few short months, we’ll know if he even deserves it or not.

While recently speaking with the LA Times though, it was revealed that director Zack Snyder had originally approached him to play someone else in the DC Universe, but when he realized how different of take the newest interpretation of Luthor would be, he was happy to sign on:

“When you’re doing a movie like this and playing a character that’s already been played, the further away it is from those previous incarnations the better. Because chances are, especially with a guy like Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey, you’re not going to get favorably compared.”

Addressing the recent criticism his performance has fallen under too, Eisenberg compared his work here to some of his other films, and the difference in audience expectations:

“The only difference between this movie and everything else I’ve ever been in is this has an audience that has prior expectations, and that’s the only thing that I find disconcerting because it feels like some people are occasionally ready to get angry at me for the part they haven’t seen me play yet. It’s bewildering.”

The actor went on to elaborate about what exactly made him say yes to the villianous role, and the character’s (currently) secret backstory that managed to convince him:

“He has a back story that’s tragic and an emotional inner life that’s authentic. That’s in the movie. It was my interest in playing the character with a real emotional core, and this writer, Chris Terrio’s interest in creating a character that seemed viable in reality… To call him self-aggrandizing is to say that the Titanic was a sailboat. He is a narcissist of the first order but complicated in that way as well in that he is terribly troubled and competitive and vengeful. He looks at Superman not as somebody to destroy but as genuine threat to humanity.”

Oh, and for all of you still not happy with the change in the character’s hairstyle? It looks like you won’t have to worry after all, as not only will the film eventually transition the character into his trademark bald look, but will also handle it with some surprisingly strong tact, according to Eisenberg:

“It’s the greatest scene that I’ve ever gotten to take part in. It accounts for the change in hair.”

Personally, I’m still holding out hope for Eisenberg’s Luthor. He’s proven to me time and time again that he’s one of the most ambitious young actors of his generation, and I don’t really think that he’d be doing something this outrageous and out there, if it weren’t for an incredibly strong script, and a damn good reason. Now, that could just be me trying to hold onto my optimism, but for right now, I’m willing to give Eisenberg and the rest of the film’s talent that benefit of the doubt we spoke about earlier.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to hit theatres on March 25th.

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