Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine Join Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

By May 3, 2013

There’s no denying that Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was a huge success. His grounded approach to the mythos has already influenced countless other movies that have come out in the past eight years, and the second film broke box office records at the time of its release. The Dark Knight is a masterpiece, but the director floundered a little under the weight of The Dark Knight Rises. In any case, his “in between” films – The Prestige and Inception – were just as great (if not better) than his Bat-efforts, and now that the trilogy is behind us, we’re really looking forward to seeing how Nolan grows as a filmmaker moving forward.

His next project is called Interstellar, and as with most of Nolan’s movies at this step in the process, we don’t really know too much about it yet. We did a rundown here before when Anne Hathaway scored one of the lead roles opposite Matthew McConaughey in a film which aims to “depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.” (Whatever that means.) It’s supposedly a time travel movie based on the concept of wormholes as researched by American theoretical physicist (and executive producer) Kip Thorne, and we know that Chris has taken the original script by his brother Jonathan and added some of his own elements into it.

We also know, thanks to Deadline, that now both Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine are on board to join the project. Caine’s casting was pretty much a given, considering this will be the sixth movie in a row on which he’ll have worked with the director. But bringing Chastain into the fold is an incredibly compelling move. The actress is notoriously picky about her projects (she ended up turning down roles in both Oblivion and Iron Man 3), but her career has been outstanding so far; she’s rocketed to the top of the A-list in a very short time and has immediately become one of my favorite working actresses.

If you look at Nolan’s previous casts, it’s no secret he likes to fill roles with super talented people. But having Chastain – who was nominated for Best Actress last year – work along with Hathaway – who won Best Supporting Actress – has a special kind of star powered heat to it, and even though we have no clue what they’re going to be doing, it should be excellent to watch them share the screen with a vet like McConaughey. Are you as stoked about this project as we are? Sound off in the comments.

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