Joe and Anthony Russo Could Be Directing ‘Avengers 3’ & ‘4’

By October 14, 2014

Well well well…it seems like Marvel rumors are flying just as fast and furious as Tony Stark in his beautiful super suit these days.

The latest buzz going around is that Marvel is thiiiiiis close to getting Robert Downey Jr. signed on for Captain America 3 AND that Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) could possibly be taking over directing duties for Avengers 3 and 4.


The fuel for this fire comes from Badass Digest, who dropped this bit of news on us last night:

How closely will Captain America 3 tie in with Avengers 3? I’ve been told that the Russo Brothers are in talks to direct Avengers 3 and possibly 4. Sources tell me that they’re the favorites of Marvel right now and that they are the guys Kevin Feige want to pick up the mantle from Joss Whedon.

Very interesting.

As for the Civil War storyline, there’s a scene with Black Widow speaking to Congress in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that lays the groundwork for how that could play out, and of course any journalist worth their salt asked the Russos about it – myself included.

When I broached the subject last month before a signing at Amoeba Records, it seemed to me there WAS a Civil War brewing, but how much of it we would actually see on film was a little wonky. Here’s what Joe Russo told me back then:

It could be fangirl and fanboy hope, but it’s really a function of ‘how much story can you fit into this universe.’ Certainly we know Thanos is coming…there’s a LOT of story real estate that needs to be covered in order to tee up what is clearly going to be a MASSIVE storyline and would something like Civil War fit into that? I don’t know. It’s complex – a lot of characters – and Marvel doesn’t have ownership over some of the key players in that civil war, so I’d say it’s probably doubtful, but I don’t run Marvel so I can never say to you that it COULDN’T happen – but it’s probably pretty unlikely.

Civil_War_2015-1 copy
So the Russos were obviously playing their cards close to the vest with that statement, but with the re-release of the seven issue event series coming in 2015, it’s very likely this is the direction Marvel is taking with their cinematic universe, and I for one am STOKED!

How do you think all of this will play out? What do you think about the brothers possibly directing Avengers 3 and 4?

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