Joe Manganiello Officially Cast as Deathstroke in Solo ‘Batman’ Movie

By September 8, 2016

Sometimes dreams do come true, even if it takes a little longer than you might have thought.

Following an unexpected announcement that Slade Wilson/Deathstroke would be the main villain of DC’s solo Batman film, which came thanks to a set video posted online by Ben Affleck showing the character’s introduction into the DCEU in full costume, it looks like an actor that was heavily rumored to be playing Slade in director David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is going to be taking on the role after all, just not in the film we had thought.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that DC Films Head Geoff Johns has confirmed today that True Blood and Magic Mike actor, Joe Manganiello, is going to be playing Deathstroke in the solo Batman film, which is set to star, be co-written, and directed by Affleck himself. No official quote has been given from Johns yet, and the exec is being very secretive about whether or not fans can expect to see the character show up in next year’s Justice League film first.

If there’s one thing that’s official though, it’s that Manganiello is playing the character in the DCEU.

This comes after several weeks of rumors connecting the actor to the role as well, with many fans theorizing Manganiello was secretly playing the character after having been known to be hanging out in London not far from where Justice League is currently being filmed, around the same time that Affleck posted that now iconic Deathstroke video. Unlike most fan theories though, this is one of those few times when speculation becomes reality.

It’s not hard to see why many fans had seen Manganiello as a kind of perfect casting for the character either, with the actor bringing the same kind of physical presence and onscreen charisma that a character like Deathstroke desperately needs in order to be brought to life properly. After Manu Bennett’s beloved take on the character in Arrow, Manganiello is going to have some serious fan expectations to live up to with his performance here, but if anyone could bring Slade Wilson to life onscreen other than Bennett, it’s hard to think of an actor better for the role than Manganiello.

Now, we’ll just have to wait and see if Wilson will pop up at all in Justice League, like some rumors have indicated, or if we’ll have to wait until Affleck’s solo Batman film to see Manganiello’s take on the beloved character.

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