John Boyega Surprises Sick Fans at ‘Star Wars’ Party

By June 17, 2016

John Boyega has already won over the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere, not only with his work onscreen as Finn in The Force Awakens and in his highly-anticipated return as the character in next year’s Episode VIII, but also with his passion and clear excitement towards the property and its fans offscreen as well. If you were looking for any more reasons to love the actor though, or needed something to warm your hearts this morning, then this new video ought to do the trick.

It turns out, that while production on Episode VIII continues, Boyega took the time to visit the Demelza Hospice Care for Children in the UK recently (specifically the Eltham Hospice) surprising the hospice’s children, staff workers, and parents who at the time, were all wearing Star Wars gear of some kind. He even helped a little stormtrooper with an improvised bowling lesson.

Now, if this doesn’t make you get a little teary-eyed, I don’t know what will.

This isn’t the first time that Boyega has taken time out of his busy schedule to do something like this either, as some of you may remember when he also visited kids at the Royal London Hospital back in March, dressed in character as Finn and meeting all of the kids in the hospital.

You can learn more about Demelza Hospice Care, which offers medical help to babies, children, and younger kids, and the services that they offer by clicking here as well.

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