John Boyega Vents His ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Frustrations

By March 9, 2016
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Add Finn, well John Boyega, to the list of Star Wars fans that are less than impressed with Star Wars: Battlefront. The game that has lit up EA profit margins with 600 million in sales, but has faced the sting of fan rage over the lack of certain features.

The Force Awakens star let his feelings on this subject be known in a rather direct set of messages to EA recently as well (via Twitter):

Could John Boyega achieve a single player story mode for Star Wars gamers? The answer is probably, no.

The game is doing well financially, so the motivation to improve this version is just not there. That being said EA would be crazy not to listen to the smattering of fan rage and professional criticism. I would be surprised if the next Battlefront game doesn’t include a large story mode. The developer DICE has the chops to develop it and they have before with their other FPS Battlefield, so hopefully, next time around it will be a little bit more well-balanced.

So Nation do you back Mr. Boyega’s opinion? Or have you already left Battlefront another game? Sound off in the comments below and keep it locked here to GeekNation for all your video game news.

Cory Naught
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  • Gobsmack Comics

    DICE simply can’t do games with narrative. Best idea would be to allow another company to use the graphics engine but that’s unlikely to happen. Battlefront is pretty poor in terms of replay value.

    • Cory Naught

      The DICE folks are listening. Battlefield is a pretty expansive game
      with a good story mode. Time will tell if they are truly heading to the
      call of fans.. ignoring all this noise would be a big mistake.