John Hughes’ Comedy ‘Uncle Buck’ Turning into TV Series at ABC

By October 8, 2014

Hot on the heels of the quick rise and fall of a TV series based on “Say Anything,” another well-known film from 1989 is poised to get the television treatment now.

Variety reports ABC and Universal Television are developing a comedy series based on Uncle Buck, the John Hughes comedy starring John Candy as an irresponsible bachelor uncle who is left in charge of his brother’s kids. However, it’s not clear just how the story will be adapted to last over a season of television.

Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley (both writers from “Mad TV”) are scripting the project which will be executive produced by Will Packer, who most recently produced the thriller No Good Deed starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson. The project is only in development, so there’s no guarantee it will make to air.

Uncle Buck - John Candy

This actually isn’t the first time Uncle Buck has been adapted for television. Back in 1990 CBS turned the film into a sitcom starring Kevin Meaney, but at the time the series was criticized for being a little too edgy, and not fit for family consumption. That likely wouldn’t be an issue today.

Cameron Crowe preventing the series adaptation of “Say Anything” was a small victory as networks and studios seem to be looking for every single nostalgic property to remake in some capacity. Sadly, there won’t be any objection here since both John Hughes and John Candy have passed away, but maybe Macaulay Culkin can lodge a complaint. Anyway, there’s a chance that this could be funny, but I just wish there were more original ideas in development instead.

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