John Krasinski Talks Auditioning For ‘Captain America’ & Playing A Marvel Villain

By January 29, 2016

Todays Jim Halpert would totally take Pams Ex-fiance, no problem. Hell, he’s willing to take on Chris Evans.

The newly buff John Krasinski shocked some folks with just how badass he could be in Michael Bays Thirteen Hours, and now has his sights set on more roles to fit his new action ready look.

Talking to Digital Spy, the man who played the loveable and hilarious Jim Halpert in The Office revealed he actually auditioned for Captain America before Chris Evans ultimately recieved the role:

The Captain America thing was hilarious… I had so much fun doing it and got to wear the suit and screen-test and sign my life away that I wouldn’t tell anyone.

Something that would have been really hard to imagine at the time; but then again many were surprised Evans got the role after playing the human torch in Fantastic Four and I think it’s safe to say that turned out pretty well.  Krasinski says he didn’t mind losing out on the role, but would still love to throw down in fisticuffs with Cap:

Chris is a good friend and very good at what he does, so I was so happy to see him do it. Maybe now I need to play a villain and fight Chris. That’s what we need to do.

Krasinski went on to say in all seriousness, he would love to take any Marvel role:

I’ll take a Marvel movie, any time! I love watching them so I’d love to be a part of it.

It’s definitely not a stretch after watching him take on Thirteen Hours. Many of the roles Krasinski played after The Office never seemed to shake the Jim Halpert character for many fans until now. Watching him in the Michael Bay film seemed to finally seperate him from the role and I could easily see him taking on more action fare in a believable manner.

What do you think, GeekNation? Could you imagine John Krasinski as Captain America before? What about a serious role in a Marvel film today? Stay tuned for more right here on GeekNation!

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