John Landis To Revamp Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Into 3D (and Possibly Blu-ray)

By September 29, 2014

Remember back in 1983 when The King Of Pop hooked up with a Master of Horror (and comedy) to make an AMAZING 14-minute, long-form music video for the song Thriller that was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before? You know, the one that was so popular that a “making of Thriller” video was also released on VHS (which I owned)?

What?! You’ve never seen Thriller, made for $500k (back when the average music video budget in 83 was $50k) and the FIRST music video entered into the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress back in 2009? You poor, poor thing! Well, I’m in a giving mood today, so check this out!

Right? STILL AWESOME! So what’s happening now? If NY Daily News is correct, then it looks like director John Landis (An American Werewolf In London, The Blues Brothers, Twilight Zone: The Movie) will not only revamp the STILL popular song into the 3D format, but it might be shown in theaters and possibly end up on Blu-ray!

Landis said now that the decades-long battle he had with Jackson’s estate over (what else?) money has ended: “We settled and they paid me, finally. And so, actually there is something happening with Thriller. It’s going to reappear in a highly polished and three-dimensional way that is very exciting on the big screen.”

A Jackson family source has confirmed that Landis has been “secretly working away on this for several months now,” and that Thriller “has never been released on Blu-ray or seen in cinemas and 3-D, and that was always a vision Michael had. In fact, his This Is It London show was meant to feature a segment which included a 3-D performance.”

Okay, I totally get that, but I’m not sure about the other directions the estate is planning. The source also said, “The estate has been looking at gaming ideas, too, and Thriller fits into the genre; it could be a dance experience or a zombie-style, shoot-’ em-up-style movie. There are so many possibilities with this creative masterpiece.”

That’s all well and good but Ubisoft covered that territory with their 2011 dance rhythm game, Michael Jackson: The Experience (above), so unless the Jackson Estate’s going back to the drawing board, I don’t know if an MJ dance game centered JUST on Thriller is a good idea.

Until then, enjoy this EPIC tribute to the classic hit created entirely from Lego!

Let me know what you think of this news and feel free to post any fun Thriller memories of your own in the comments below!

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