John McClane Will Head to Tokyo in Newest ‘Die Hard’ Sequel

By April 30, 2013

Bruce Willis has been an action star for more than 30 years at this point, and if Stallone and Schwarzenegger can keep making action flicks, Willis isn’t going to fall behind. A Good Day to Die Hard was terrible on every conceivable level, but it somehow managed to haul in over $300 million worldwide, meaning that yet another sequel is in the works.

Total Film reports that writer Ben Trebilcook is penning a treatment for the new adventures of NYC cop John McClane, and this entry – presumably the last, given its title – will be called Die Hardest. The story, which is being called the “Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise,” will start in New York but then transition to Tokyo, moving from the Russian locale of the last movie. No word yet on whether Jai Courtney’s Jack McClane will be joining up with his old man again, but I’d much rather see Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Lucy McClane lock and load and kick some ass alongside her dear old dad this time out. But the villains are just as important as the heroes in this story, so hopefully they can score somebody with the same charisma as Alan Rickman. (Good luck with that.)

Trebilcook has an interesting history with this franchise, considering he actually wrote one of the earliest drafts of Die Hard 4 that was ultimately scrapped before production started. That entry would have seen Jack working for the Nakatomi Corporation, the same company that Holly worked for in the first movie. Perhaps we can expect elements of that story to bleed over into this one, but this is all dependent on Willis approving the script once it comes in. But let’s be honest – if he approved the piece of crap screenplay for A Good Day to Die Hard (Chernobyl, guys? Really?), we’re guessing he’ll approve almost anything.

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