John McClane Will Return in ‘Die Hard’ Prequel

By October 14, 2015

Who here wanted another Die Hard movie? Anyone, anyone….??? Okay, fine, how about a Die Hard prequel??? Exactly. And yes, I too just jumped out the window.

But then I dusted myself off, climbed back through the window to write up this report. And let me tell you something, I’m just too tired to lecture Hollywood again. Yes indeed, I’m sick of banging on the ‘Hollywood is out of ideas’ drum. Now, it’s just straight up ridiculous. The studio is obviously out of ideas and I find it absolutely sad that they have become so reliant on branded titles. Did they learn nothing from the underwhelming, lowest grossing entry in the franchise with A Good Day to Die Hard? Answer: nope.

According to theWrap, Underworld director Len Wiseman is  in talks to revisit the Die Hard Franchise with a prequel, of all things, that would follow a young John McClane.

20th Century Fox is in discussions with Len Wiseman to have the “Live Free or Die Hard” director return to produce and direct a sixth installment in the unstoppable action franchise that would serve as a quasi-prequel for Bruce Willis‘ beloved cop character John McClane, an individual familiar with the situations has told TheWrap.

Unstoppable is right. Cue all the die hard franchise jokes. Not me though, I’m done making jokes for this series. The movies do that enough.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura would produce the new “Die Hard” with Wiseman because the film would rework a different project that was controlled by di Bonaventura. Wiseman pitched a new take incorporating the “Die Hard” mythology to di Bonaventura, who has a strong relationship with his “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” star Willis.

This next part makes me the most confused – HOW are they going to bring Bruce Willis in if it’s a younger John McClane? I can only imagine this means there will be a lot of flashbacks in it… That or they are going to Benjamin Button Bruce Willis’ face on to a younger body. Either way, the creative well wasn’t as empty as I thought.

In this new film, a younger McClane would be cast for a storyline set in New York City in 1979, though the film would also feature Willis as McClane in present day — though the actor doesn’t have a deal yet.

No deal has been set for the actor but as Jeff Sneider of the Wrap says at the top if his article, he expects Willis to sign on soon. At this point, no release date has been set either. So that gives everyone involved plenty of time to find that final nail for the coffin.

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  • David Johnson

    The only Prequel I’ve ever wanted to see was Rambo & I think they gave up on that idea. Stallone Probably demanded still playing the lead!!

  • CDW in PC

    No. Please no.

  • MattJSour

    Once again, Hollywood is trying to get blood from a stone. Draining that franchise dry. Bad idea.

  • CurseofZodLovesMaude

    Take the action to Japan. Ex-wife Holly is having a retirement party from her many years working up the corporate ladder. John is invited too and honored for his heroic deeds in LA at the first Nakotmai building. He cracks wise, waxes, poetically and nostaligia-wise about said events… bad guys enter.
    John, his son, daughter and son-in-law(?) are in tow (kill off the son-in-law)…. movie final scene- daughter is pregnant…. Reginald Van Johnson makes a cameo….
    see, they didn’t take me 5 mins to write this down.
    Who gives a damn what John did in 1979? it won’t be die hard anyway…