John Travolta Set to Play Animated Gummy Bear on the Big Screen

By February 10, 2014

John Travolta needs money. At least, that seems to be the most obvious reason for the actor’s latest role, unless he’s been secretly harboring a strong desire to play a half-naked animated gummy bear in a cinematic situation and is only now revealing his intent. In the next, legitimately terrifying step towards integrating truly strange popular online trends and the power of the big screen, Travolta is now set to play Gummy Bear or, more appropriately, Gummibär, in a new feature film.

And, no, Gummibär is not just some delicious candy creation – he sings, too.

ComingSoon shares that “since its launch in May 2012, it has generated 3.6+ billion downloads and has become an established global brand, growing organically. Gummy is averaging over 20 million new users per month over the social networks and is available in 30 languages,” which sounds cool and profitable and stuff, until you realize that it also doesn’t explain what the heck this Gummy situation actually is. Is this a game? Some other kind of virtual experience? Is he similar to that little paperclip guy who pops up in Microsoft Word if you need help? Are they related? Can you eat him?

For a little clarification, we took to the Wikipedia, which only helped a little bit, telling us:

“Gummibär is an international multi-lingual character and virtual band who is known for performing the Gummy bear-related series of songs on various albums, including I Am Your Gummy Bear and La La Love to Dance. It is most notable for the song and video ‘I’m A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song).’”

The character’s Wiki page also explains his background and appearance, sharing “the name ‘Gummibär’ is taken from a German brand of baby bear-shaped gum candy. The highly stylized green blue-eyed character is usually naked except for orange underwear and sneakers. Gummibär also seems to be bitten with a small portion of the upper left ear missing. The bear’s muzzle or, allowing for anthropomorphism, his mustache and goatee, appear to be sugar-crusted, and the character only has two small teeth spaced far apart on his lower jaw. Gummibär’s right iris and pupil is greater in size than the corresponding left-sided features.”

John Travolta

All hyperbole aside, this is easily the most disturbing role Travolta has ever taken on. He sings about being a Gummy Bear. He is missing a piece of his ear. He uses an umlaut. He only wears underwear and sneakers. There’s clearly a market for this, but for people unfamiliar with Gummibär and his popularity, there’s no question that this sounds deeply bizarre.

In terms of actual plot, the new film (which, quite naturally, will be animated and available in both 3D and 2D) will center on “Gummy and his friends–a vegetarian vampire bat, a cat and a chameleon–fighting to save an alien planet from destruction.” But could this possibly get any weirder? Sure! Because the film is being penned by George Gallo, who previously wrote actioners like Bad Boys and Midnight Run.

The film does not yet have a director, but it is set to start filming in late September and already has a budget of $30 million locked. Oh, and newbie producers Stealth Media Group are reportedly “in talks with a number of branding companies and merchandisers for the film.” Shocking!

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