Johnny Depp In Talks To Star With Tom Hanks in Crime Thriller ‘Triple Frontier’

By January 21, 2016

Following his spectacular crime film, A Most Violent Year, from back in 2014 – writer and director J.C. Chandor is currently prepping his latest cinematic endeavor, taking over for Zero Dark Thirty director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal at the helm of the long in-development project, Triple Frontier. For those of you wondering too, the title refers to the border zone around Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, which is a well-known area for organized crime.

The film was originally set to reunite the Zero Dark Thirty collaborators, but Bigelow left after the studio told her she would have to cast Will Smith if she wanted an $80 million budget.

Now, Variety is reporting that Chandor has officially signed on for the film, and will be working off of Boal’s script as well. The report also mentions that both Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks are currently in talks to co-star in the film together as well, which continues Chandor’s trend of assembling some rather impressive casts in his films after having both Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain as his leads in A Most Violent Year, Robert Redford in All is Lost, and Kevin Spacey at the head of Margin Call.

After being one of the surprise omissions from this year’s Golden Globes and Academy Awards, Depp’s possible return to the crime genre is an interesting one, especially since some of his best performances have come out of that environment in films like Donnie Brasco and even Black Mass, which was overall bland, despite Depp’s outstanding work as Whitey Bulger.

Meanwhile, Chandor has a very interesting style as a filmmaker, that probably means we’ll get a much different Triple Frontier than the one Kathryn Bigelow would have directed, which could end up being a shame depending on if you’re receptive to Chandor’s past work or not. Who knows though? Maybe this could be Depp’s next Oscar run? This time hopefully without all of that prostethic makeup.

Triple Frontier is currently in development.

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