Jon Favreau Isn’t Giving Up on His ‘Magic Kingdom’

By March 11, 2014

The concept behind filmmaker Jon Favreau’s long-in-the-making Magic Kingdom is unabashedly amusing and seemingly the perfect film for the many fans of Disney theme parks and characters, as it’s been compared to “Night at the Museum at Disneyland,” a feature that imagines that the various characters that populate the park spring to life once it closes down for the evening. Yet Favreau hasn’t been able to get the project going, with delays of all kinds stalling it over a period of many years.

The delays haven’t been all bad – the director took on new projects that got in the way, he took the film’s script to Pixar for some help, all good things – but in Hollywood, the lack of forward motion often reads as a harbinger of things to come.

Yet Favreau has definitely not given up on the project, which appears to be a very dear to him, and he hopes that his next Disney film – one of a number of fresh takes on The Jungle Book – will help his case.


Favreau recently sat down with Collider to talk about the feature, and he sure doesn’t seem to have given up on it:

I really want to do Magic Kingdom. Part of what’s complicated about it is you’re mixing all of the different lands and characters together but between The Avengers and The Lego Movie, there seems to be a way to do it that doesn’t confuse the audience. Hopefully I’ll get to make that movie with Disney soon. Right now Jungle Book is the thing and hopefully through that partnership it’ll lead to getting the other film done because I think Magic Kingdom is a great idea for a film.

Favreau then explained the film and its apparent issues in a little more detail:

The issue is how do you treat characters in one film that are differentiated [in other films]. So if you’re doing a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, how do you differentiate from the pirates in your movie, is that confusing to an audience and does that ruin other franchises that are existing? So I think when the time is right I think I have a strong take that would make that very clear. But again Jungle Book is a priority for them and something they’re very excited about and something I really connected with. Hopefully, through that relationship, Magic Kingdom will become the next thing down the line.

The Jungle Book is slated to hit screens sometime in 2015, so perhaps we can expect to see Magic Kingdom around 2017? (Yes, this sounds incredibly far away.)

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Kate Erbland
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  • William B Valencia

    Let eth guy give it a shot! A night at the museum wasn’t bad. I admit, I’d like to know what goes on at The Happiest Place on Earth after the doors close.

  • Kristin T Medina

    Who wants to bet this would be an A list party! I wanna go to this one for sure. I wonder what they are really like after the lights out?