Jon Favreau Reteams With His Buddy Vince Vaughn in Universal Pictures’ Thriller ‘Term Life’

By March 10, 2014

Jon Favreau met Vince Vaughn during the filming of Rudy in the early 1990s and the pair have been good friends ever since. They’ve starred together in Rudy, Swingers, Made, The Break-Up, Four Christmases, and Couples Retreat, and now a new project will be added to their shared filmography: Universal Pictures’ upcoming film Term Life. While the duo has enjoyed success in the independent film world and in massive blockbusters alike, Term Life is a thriller, which is new territory for them (at least when they’re acting together).

According to Deadline, the story follows a thief (Vince Vaughn) who takes his estranged daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) on the run when a heist goes south. With mob bosses, dirty cops, and assassins on their tail, he takes out a life insurance policy in order to pass the money along to his daughter – but the policy doesn’t take effect for 21 days, so he has to stay alive longer than he thought. No word yet on which role Favreau will play, but I think it’d be a blast to watch him be one of the guys trying to kill Vaughn’s character; putting them on opposite “sides” would make for a much more interesting film than having them play buddy-buddy again, because we’ve already seen what that dynamic looks like.


Favreau has been racking up acting jobs lately, appearing in People Like Us, Identity Thief, Iron Man 3, and The Wolf of Wall Street, and he just debuted his new film Chef (which he wrote, directed, and stars in) at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas. We’ll have a review of that film here shortly, but in the meantime, we wanted to alert you that the Vaughn/Favreau duo is getting back in the saddle again. Peter Billingsley (who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story when he was a kid) is also close friends with these two actors, and he’ll direct Term Life from a script written by newcomer A.J. Lieberman.

Excited to see Favreau and Vaughn get together again on the big screen? Let us know below.

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