New ‘Jumanji’ Set Photo Reveals Nick Jonas’ Character

By September 27, 2016

Last week, the cast of Jumanji revealed the first set photo from the upcoming sequel film to the beloved 1990s classic with Robin Williams, giving us our first look at the main crew of characters and actors including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan. The latter actress was the subject of some serious controversy as well, after being the only member of the cast sporting cut off shorts and shirts.

Now, another new image from the highly-questioned film has been revealed, this time giving us our first look at Nick Jonas’ mystery character, who appears to be affiliated with the army of Air Force in some way.

Check out the image below (via The Rock):

Now, no other actor or movie star living today can quite build the same amount of hype around their films like The Rock can, managing to bring the same energy and charisma that made his WWE career so successful, to all of his movie and television outings as well. Which is why the palpable skepticism surrounding this project in particular, is worth noting, and it’s clear that Jumanji is going to have to do some seriously exciting and fun things in order to make its existence feel warranted or justified for fans of the original film.

Jumanji is set to hit theatres on July 28th, 2017.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • Dalek1963

    “army air force” Perhaps his character got caught in the game during WWI.

  • BastianBux

    I just hope it’s both fun and scary like the original Jumanji, thank god it’s not a remake.