Keanu Reeves’ ‘Passengers’ Now Short Leading Lady, Release Date, and Distributor

By March 14, 2014

For most independent productions, the loss of a star, a distributor, or a release date would be enough to sink it – for Keanu Reeves’ Passengers, he’s going to have to contend with all three.

THR reports that the Reeves-starring Passengers – a production that the actor is also producing and that has been long in the making – has now lost its leading lady (Rachel McAdams), a major distributor (The Weinstein Company), and its release date (once set for April 3, 2015). What happened here is an example of a worst case scenario domino effect: McAdams (who actually took the role after Reese Witherspoon dropped out) left the film, forcing production (which was set to start shooting in the beginning of April under the directorship of Brian Kirk) back to an unknown later date, which in turn prompted the film to back down from its set release date, which made TWC jump ship from the nebulous production.

Rachel McAdams

The film’s producers – including Reeves and his partner Stephen Hamel of their Company Films, alongside Wayfare Films – are now reportedly looking for a new U.S. distributor for the film. The film does still have an international distributor, however, thanks to Exclusive Media.

Passengers is a space-set drama that, as THR notes, is “hoping to tap into the same success that Gravity enjoyed,” though it has its own intriguing premise with lots of promise. The film will star “Reeves as a colonist aboard a spacecraft carrying 5,000 sleeping passengers to a new world. After accidentally awakening and becoming lonely, he rouses Aurora. Falling in love, they eventually realize it is up to them to save everyone on the journey.” But why do they need to wake everyone up? See, it sounds cool!

As of now, the film remains in limbo. Who do you think would be a fitting female lead opposite Reeves? Sound off below.

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  • John A Casey

    Cool idea! What would I do with a huge spaceship and only me and 1 other hot chick awake.?