Kevin Feige Explains Why ‘Deadpool’s Success Hasn’t Made Marvel Want to Make an R-Rated Movie

By May 8, 2016

Earlier this year, Deadpool managed to not only blow away all expectations financially at the box office, but also quality-wise. For a film about a self-referential, foul-mouthed antihero with a penchant for cutting off limbs, it was one of the most well-balanced and intelligently-constructed superhero films of recent memory. However, with the success of an R-rated superhero movie, comes the danger of misguided and ill-conceived rip-offs.

While speaking recently with Deadline though, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained why Deadpool‘s success hasn’t convinced Marvel to make an R-rated movie:

“The thing that Deadpool shows is, when you present something unique to an audience, they will respond to it. When you present something as popular as a superhero character, in a different and unique and crazy way as they did in Deadpool, it demands attention and audiences went to it. They pulled it off. Tim Miller did a tremendous job.”

Feige went on to reiterate as well, that the other reason the movie worked so well, was because of how faithful of an adaptation it was for the Merc with a Mouth, something that he and the creative team at Marvel have strived to do their entire careers as well:

“The other secret, and why it’s still a secret, I don’t know, but they just took what Deadpool is in the comics. He breaks the fourth wall. He talks into the camera. He doesn’t give a sh*t about any of the other heroes. He doesn’t take anything seriously. All of that is what made Deadpool so popular in the comics. Tim and [Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick] and Ryan Reynolds were able to get that and even magnify that up on the big screen. We’ve always said if there’s any ‘secret’ it’s respect the source material, understand the source material and then, any adaptation you make from the source material should be done only to enhance whatever the original pure spirit of the source material was. Deadpool hit on all cylinders with that.”

I mean, in case it wasn’t already clear that Kevin Feige knew what he was doing, then this should just come as final proof. The thing that made the movie so good, wasn’t just because it was rated R, but was because the rating made sense. In order to make the movie as faithful and true to the character as they could, it had to be the way it was, and that’s what Feige is saying here as well. It’s even better when you remember there’s an Easter egg in Deadpool dedicated entirely to him as well.

Deadpool will be released on blu ray and DVD on May 10th.

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  • David Johnson

    If they had tried to do a PG Rated #Deadpool the DVD would already be in the Discount Bin at Walmart!