Digg Founder Kevin Rose’s Reddit AMA FAIL

By August 2, 2012

For those of you who don’t know, Kevin Rose is the founder of the once wildly popular link sharing site Digg. Digg was so popular that at one point Google was in negotiations to buy Digg for “around $200 Million” but Kevin Rose wanted to hold out until the company was worth more money.

Digg was a lot of fun until they did this horrible redesign back in 2010. To be honest the redesign was just the nail in the coffin. There were already some pretty serious problems at Digg at that point, but to simplify the issue we’ll blame the redesign.

A lot of Digg users went to another link sharing site called Reddit. Understandably, Kevin Rose did not “Digg” this.

In July 2012, Digg was sold for a pitiful $500k. I mean, it’s not pitiful to me, I’d love $500k, but considering it was worth $200 Million a few years back, it’s pretty sad.

After the sale Kevin went to Reddit to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) which is a real time chat forum.

Then he went to Alcatraz. People wondered if he was punking Reddit out of spite, or if he was just an idiot who has no idea how a Reddit AMA is supposed to work.

I find it hard to believe that he knows that little about how his biggest competitor works. Seems more like he was playing the Reddit/online community to build some hype about an AMA that frankly, most people wouldn’t give a crap about. He did finally show up and answer some questions but frankly it’s a pretty boring AMA. Here’s one of his video responses.



He did succeed in creating some press for himself. I mean look at me, I’m writing about him and yesterday I didn’t care about him at all. As far as publicity stunts go, it was a success. Maybe he was playing the Reddit community more than we realize. What do you think? Was Kevin Rose snubbing Reddit? Is he just an idiot? Do you even care?

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