Kevin Smith Departs Embattled Buckaroo Banzai TV Series

By November 29, 2016


The ink is not even dry on the lawsuit MGM Television Entertainment has filed against the creators of 1984’s The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, and the studio already has affected some change. Except it’s likely not the change executives were looking for.

banzailawsuit112916-sideDogma director Kevin Smith abruptly quit the proposed television adaptation of the film for Amazon, saying MGM’s lawsuit was not “what I signed up for.”

In a Facebook Live video published on Monday, Smith – according to Deadline – said he was caught off-guard by the lawsuit, and that no one he was dealing with at MGM had any idea such a lawsuit was in the works.

MGM filed the preemptive suit this week against 8th Dimension writer Earl Mac Rauch and director W.D. Richter, asking a federal judge to make it clear MGM owns the franchise, not Rauch our Richter. Smith said Monday he had no idea there was even bad blood between Rauch, Richter and the studio, and in fact, had thought they would be a part of the Amazon series.

“Without those two dudes, I don’t fall in love with that property. I don’t want to make anything unless those two dudes are involved. They had the vision. Like, all we’re doing is taking their amazing vision and making a TV show of it.”

Smith said MGM’s court actions would be like if Miramax said it wanted to remake one of his classic films, Clerks, and Smith publicly denounced it, the studio would sue him to make sure they can move forward with their plans without any interference from Smith.

“Well, what goes around comes around in life. I’m not saying anybody is wrong in this situation, but what I’m saying is – respectfully to all parties involved – I’m out.”

Smith won’t rule out a return, but only once the legal confrontation is over – and both Rauch and Richter are part of the series.

For now, the Buckaroo Banzai television series is on hold, Deadline added.

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  • John Ikarus

    When will Kevin Smith write/direct a major comicbook movie?
    Put Ming Chen and Tell’em Stve Dave in it it will make big $$$