Kevin Smith Will Shoot “Mallrats 2” Before “Clerks 3”

By April 7, 2015

Kevin Smith will be quite the busy bee for the next couple of years!

Not only does Smith have plans to shoot films Hit Somebody and Moose Jaws, he’s announced that Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3 are also happening and thanks to a soon-to-be-closed mall they can pretty much trash the hell out of, Mallrats 2 will happen before all else and was confirmed by Smith himself during the most recent episode of “Hollywood Babble-On,” hosted by Smith and Ralph Garman (“Family Guy,” Red State).

WARNING: Here Be A Spoiler (but it’s an AWESOME spoiler)

We’ve been putting together Mallrats 2. It’s been a real, like Blues Brothers ‘We’re putting the band back together, on a mission from Smod.’ So this week, we had a lot of activity behind the scenes as well and it looks like we might — it’s Mallrats and so we require a big old empty mall, and it would be nice if we could do things to the mall. So if you had a mall and the mall was eventually going away, that would let you like blow the f—ing mall up, which happens in the third act.

So we found a place that we can go to and in order to get to that mall before it goes away, we were talking about initially shooting Clerks 3 this summer and then we were going to get to Mallrats in the beginning of 2016. And then it jumped into 2015, where we were going to shoot Clerks and then hopefully Mallrats before the end of the year. But now, based on a f—ing mall that we all dig that will be going away, the priority has become Mallrats. So the next f—ing movie I’m making is Mallrats 2. No word on Batfleck (Ben Affleck) yet but it would be fun to see if we could get him.

Smith has got most of the band back together, including perpetual pain-in-the-ass Shannen Doherty, Jason Lee, Mewes, Michael Rooker, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Jeremy London, Renee Humphrey (a.k.a. Trish The Dish), Joey Lauren Adams, another cameo from Stan Lee and good ol’ LaFours himself, Sven-Ole Thorsen. I really hope Smith can bring Affleck back; can you imagine how awesome it would be if we could see Affleck’s character Shannon Hamilton fresh out of ‘pound you in the butt,’ jail and back on the street?


I’d love to see THAT. IF Shannon Hamilton returns, will he be a changed man or go Cape Fear and make destroying the gang his top priority? We’ll find out when shooting begins next year. I LOVED Mallrats and have been wanting a sequel for YEARS; now that it’s finally happening, the only thing I have left to add is…


Bring it on, Sir – and don’t forget those wonderful toys!

(Thanks to the fine folks at Nerd Bastards for transcribing the podcast, I know what a pain in the butt it can be!)

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