Key & Peele Will Co-Star in ‘Keanu,’ Their First Movie

By October 20, 2014

I’d seen Key & Peele’s hilarious East/West college bowl sketch, but I didn’t really get into their comedy until I saw the video they made as movie-loving bellhops promoting Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop. Since then, I’ve gone back and caught all of their Comedy Central series, and am currently watching the new season, which airs on Wednesday nights. (I actually haven’t been a huge fan of the way they’ve extended the length of their sketches so far this season, and the “True Detective” homages are a little much after a while. I wonder if those were network mandated changes or what the guys themselves felt they needed to do.)

In any case, the duo is one of the most popular pairs in comedy right now, and when they recently spoke about their upcoming movie projects, we assumed that the first one we’d see hit theaters would be one they spoke about in that interview. But it looks like the movie based on their substitute teacher character Mr. Garvey, their Police Academy reboot, the Judd Apatow comedy, and Jordan Peele’s horror movie will have to wait, because Deadline reports that the guys have found their first big-screen effort together with a movie called Keanu.

The film, written by Peele and “Key & Peele” and “Community” writer Alex Rubens, centers on two friends who pose as drug dealers and infiltrate the criminal underworld in order to retrieve a stolen cat (whose name is Keanu). So it’s not about them retrieving a captured Keanu Reeves? Bummer – maybe they can work that into the sequel. Production starts next spring, and New Line Cinemas is in talks with Peter Atencio, who directs all of the “Key & Peele” episodes, to direct. Keanu will mark the first time the former MadTV cohorts will share the big screen together in major roles. Peele offered a humorous quote about the movie’s relatability:

The movie should resonate with a large audience as almost everyone has had a house pet stolen by a street gang, right?

In addition to their work on their own show, they recently played FBI investigators on the first season of “Fargo,” and I spoke with them about their experience, how they were cast, and more right here.

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