‘Key & Peele’ Will Have an Expanded Fourth Season and an Animated Spin-Off Series

By March 12, 2014

After “Key & Peele” freaked out over meeting “Liam Neesons” and landed a new movie deal with Judd Apatow, comedians Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele have something else to celebrate now too.

Comedy Central has just announced that the fourth season of the sketch comedy series will have an expanded 22 episode order, complete with a couple best-of installments throughout the season. The series has been getting more episodes with each season beginning with 8 in the first season, 10 in the second, and 13 for the most recent third season.

But that’s not all the big news for the hit original series. “Key & Peele” will also have a spin-off series based on the Critiquer’s Corner “Vandaveon & Mike” characters who give lowbrow advice and criticism to new episodes of “Key & Peele” (and other things every now and then) for the web to enjoy. Here’s an example:


But rather than following these characters in a show similar to what they’ve already done online, this will be an animated series following Vandaveon and Mike as 12-year-old hall monitors navigating their way through middle school. Rodney Barnes (of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “The Boondocks”) will executive produce the series, which sounds a little shaky, but we’ll wait until we see the first episode to pass judgment.

Otherwise, “Key & Peele” has some of the best comedy on television right now with unique sketches that land across a wide demographic and diverse audience, so we’re glad to see they’re getting a full season to keep their brand of humor going strong. Also, Jordan Peele is this week’s guest on The Movie Crypt with Green & Lynch, so make sure to listen to that episode for an in-depth discussion about the show, his time on “Mad TV,” and much more.

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  • Kristin T Medina

    Oh My God I am so excited to see this project. The two of them are a freakin’ riot together. Time to get the tissues out and avoid carbonated beverages while this one is on.