‘Kite’ Trailer Features Parkour, Murder, and Samuel L. Jackson

By January 6, 2014

Sam Jackson Kite

Samuel L. Jackson has been a big fan of the cult classic anime Kite for years, and he was developing a film version of the story with filmmaker David R. Ellis (perhaps best known as the director of Final Destination 2 and Snakes on a Plane) before Ellis passed away. After Ellis’ death, South African director Ralph Ziman stepped up to the plate and took over, and it looks like the film is close to being released. Bloody-Disgusting (via FirstShowing) tracked down a new trailer, which features Jackson introducing the movie to the ComiKaze crowd; now it’s online for all to see:


Looks like a pretty tried-and-true story that we’ve seen a few times before. Despite the fact that Kite hit shelves far before Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass, it’s going to be tough for this movie to look like anything other than a rip-off of what’s come after it. It’s the same problem Disney had with John Carter: just because your story provided the inspiration for dozens of things that have gone on to become famous in their own right, that doesn’t mean your attempt to turn the original story into a movie needs to stick so closely to the source material that it feels boring and unoriginal. The hope is that the filmmakers behind Kite can strike a balance between honoring the source material and maybe trying to create a kinetic, entertaining movie that has a few fresh elements that audiences haven’t seen before. We’ll find out later this year if they succeeded.

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