‘Krypton’ Creator Finds New Partner For TV

By November 3, 2016


The man who helped redefine how comic books are translated to films is now working with the man who helped put Syfy on the map.

DaVinci’s Demons creator David S. Goyer has signed a two-year development with IM Global Television, a newer production group currently led by former Syfy original programming executive Mark Stern.

The move, according to The Hollywood Reporter, would help cement IM Global as a television player in what has become a very crowded landscape. The parent company, founded in 2007 by Stuart Ford, was designed to be a producer in the new digital era. It now has a internationally distributed film library spanning 250 movies that have grossed some $5 billion at the box office. Films like Paranormal Activity and Insidious.

However, the television side is just ramping up. Stern joined the company in 2014 after helping bring some major hits to Syfy over an 11-year tenure that included Battlestar GalacticaWarehouse 13Alphaand the reality show Ghost Hunters.

Stern already was working with Goyer on I, Rebel, a science-fiction series created by Danah and Siavash Farahani about an astronaut who returns to Earth after eight years lost in space only to find the world enslaved by aliens.

One of the first projects that Goyer and Stern will look to ship out is Golden State, an anthology show that will go through the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. The pilot will be written by Lee Hanne with Kevin Turen and Linne Radmin as producers, as well as Goyer.

“Kevin and I were looking to do something outside the box. Because the television landscape is changing so quickly and dramatically, we wanted to find partners who were nimble, who could partner with any buyer, and who had a uniquely global outlook.”

Goyer earned fame in the comic book world when he successfully adapted Blade in 1998 (and letting people forget he tried to do a Nick Fury series for Marvel). He would write the remaining films in the vampire-fighting trilogy starring Wesley Snipes, while going on to pen Batman BeginsThe Dark KnightJumperMan of Steel and most recently Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He’s also the creator of a Superman series for Stern’s old employer, Syfy, called Krypton.

DaVinci’s Demons, which lasted three seasons on Starz, earned three Emmy nominations over the years, winning two for its main title sequence and the music of Bear McCreary.

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