Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Order Online NOW

By December 20, 2012

Okay so Christmas is Tuesday and you still need a few gifts, never fear, I’ve got you covered. I’m going to give you some recommendations that I can personally vouch for because I actually own them and love them and have given them as gifts myself. These are things you can order online today, and have them delivered BEFORE Christmas. Just be sure to select the proper shipping options. Here we go!


The good people at Pajamagram have created the Pajancho. It’s a pancho made of uber soft cloth that feels like butter. It’s comfy. It’s pajamas. It’s a pancho. It’s something you could wear around the house, or out to a holiday party. I seriously wore this thing to two holiday parties and EVERYONE asked me about it, told me I looked great and I kept getting hugs because people wanted to touch my Pajancho. If you are looking for a gift for your lady, she will love this. It’s also a great conversation piece. No more awkward holiday party conversations because you can now talk about your Pajancho! This is one of those things I want to start hoarding for fear that they will stop making them and I will run out.

Pajama Jeans

Another great item for ladies is Pajama Jeans. You know who will make fun of you for wearing Pajama Jeans? People who have never worn Pajama Jeans, and as far as I’m concerned they can suck it. I wear them all the time because they are the most comfortable pants on the planet and AGAIN, a great conversation piece. Nobody can ever believe I’m actually wearing Pajama Jeans. Pajama Jeans makes people laugh for whatever reason, and I like anything that makes people smile and laugh. The world is full of enough sadness, Pajama Jeans bring joy to my world (as ridiculous as that may sound) and they now come in a rainbow of colors like the Dittos of my youth. Give your lady Pajama Jeans, if she doesn’t like them, or is too uptight to laugh and put them on…you may want to consider breaking up. Just sayin’.

Tom Bihn Synapse Backpack

Tom Bihn makes awesome bags and luggage for hiking, traveling and every day life, but this Synapse backpack is my best friend. It’s a small backpack, perfect for a laptop and all the items I take to work every day. I ride a scooter to work a lot and it’s got the chest and waist belts/clasps that help make me feel extra safe that my precious computer isn’t going to go flying into the street if one of my shoulder straps should come undone. It’s got tons of convenient pockets AND I’ve been using it for 2 years (every day) and it looks as good as the day I got it. Dirt and scuffs do not stick to this thing. If you know an active person who takes their computer EVERYWHERE like I do, this is an amazing gift. Perfect for travel and fits comfortably beneath any airline seat and comes in some beautiful colors. I have purple. Also, if you know someone who is into knitting (like I am) they make these amazing Yarn Stuff Sacks. Perfect for a single project and again, they never seem to get dirty and look beautiful, even after years of use.

Roku or Apple TV

The Roku or Apple TV are pretty much the same thing. You can read all the online comparisons you want but each one has slightly different features. If you’re Apple based, you’d want to get the Apple TV, if you do a lot of Amazon rentals and shopping the Roku is the way to go. If you have multiple TV’s and the money get one of each DO IT! With one of these devices you can watch your Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other cool stuff conveniently from your Television. I know people who have gotten rid of their cable and just have one of these. Also, they are great for a guest room. If you know someone who doesn’t have one of these, get them one for Christmas and rock their world. The Roku starts at around $50 so you can’t beat that.

A Subscription To The Week

I love The Week. It’s like the Cliff Notes of the news for the entire week delivered to your home in easy to read language and short stories that you can actually finish. The Week covers the news from both sides, offering a slightly liberal yet mostly unbiased view of current events and interesting stories. If you’re the kind of person who wishes you knew more about what’s going on in the world, you’ll love The Week. It’s a great gift for anybody. My boyfriend carries our copy of the week around with him to meetings, doctors appointment and auditions (perfect for actors) so he always has something good to read. Also the stories are fairly short so you can finish them in a few minutes while sitting in a lobby or waiting room. Plus they have Sudoku and Crossword puzzles, and who doesn’t love that?

If you are at a complete loss, just send them a Target or Amazon gift card. I don’t know anybody (man, woman or child) who wouldn’t appreciate and get great use out of either of those.

So there you have it. These are my personal recommendations. Hope they have helped you!

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