Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Contains International Easter Eggs

By March 22, 2013

J.J. Abrams…you clever, clever girl.

Word on the street is that the latest international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness contains some Easter eggs in the form of links. I can confirm this is true BUT before I reveal some of the locations, see if you can spot the six links hidden within.

(Warning: This trailer is so dope, you may just poop yourself.)

Did you see any of them? Watch it a couple more times…I’ll wait.

Okay, how about now? If you didn’t catch any of them, don’t feel bad because I couldn’t either. You’d literally have to watch frame by frame and have a 1000-yard stare to catch even one, much less six of the links that lead to six variant international posters.

BUUUUUT luckily for you and me, the amazeball team at not only pointed out the links’ sneaky snake locations, they’ve also provided the corresponding poster.

Here’s a wee smackerel:

If you can take your eyes off Alice Eve’s SICKENINGLY fit body, you’ll find the link for the Australian poster (which is identical to the U.K. poster, but the U.K. poster has its own hidden link within the trailer).

If you wanna see the Russian variant, here’s where the link is hidden…


Just for fun (and because you rarely ever get to see them), here’s the link for Brazil’s variant…


Welp, those are all I’m gonna show ya; wanna see where the rest are hidden? Head on over to, have some fun and tell em Crix Lee from GeekNation sent ya!

Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 16, 2013

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