‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Adds Citizen Steel to Season 2

By June 15, 2016

With a rich ensemble of DC heroes and villains already included in its lineup, it looks like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has added yet another DC superhero to its series, with even stronger connections to the Justice Society of America than some fans might have thought.

Deadline is reporting that Minority Report star, Nick Zano, has been cast as a series regular in the second season of Legends as none other than Nathan Heywood, or better known to comic book fans, as Citizen Steel. Unfortunately, no additional details were revealed regarding what his overall role in the new season will be, or how he’ll fit into the story even.

The show is also rumored to be introducing a female hero with strong ties to World War II in the second season as well, highly-rumored to be Lady Blackhawk.

In the comics, Nathan Heywood is the grandson of Henry Heywood and cousin of Henry Heywood III, two men who had previously carried the Steel mantle. A star athlete, Nathan was forced into retirement after shattering his knee, having his leg amputed, and becoming addicted to his painkillers, before being given the powers of Citizen Steel.He eventually became a member of the Justice Society of America as well, around the time when Stargirl and Cyclone were members.

With Legends of Tomorrow continuing to pull increasingly more obscure DC characters into its show, it’ll be interesting to see how Citizen Steel might fit into the team dynamic already established in the series, and what his impact in the show’s story and the DC TV Universe as a whole might end up being. At this point though, following the events of the first season, anything is possible.

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