Leslie Jones Officially Joins the Cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’

By October 20, 2014

After all the buzz about Sasheer Zamata joining the cast of “Saturday Night Live” following complaints about a lack diversity on the late night sketch show, the series has added another African-American comedienne to the cast, and it should be a familiar face to those who have been paying attention.

Leslie Jones joined the writing staff of “SNL” last season, and even appeared on Weekend Update in a great segment in May when Andrew Garfield hosted. And after popping up on Weekend Update again for this 40th season’s premiere, not to mention a couple other sketches, she’s been made a real cast member.

Deadline confirmed the addition, and Jones will make her first official appearance as part of the cast on this weekend’s show, hosted by Jim Carrey. Funnily enough, Jones actually joined “SNL” as a writer at the same time they were looking to add a black female cast member to the show. She even auditioned for the role, but ended up only being brought on as a writer. But it looks like the gig paid off. Here’s Jones’ first appearance from this past May:


Jones joins Pete Davidson as a featured player this season, following the firing of a few featured players who just didn’t stick after last season. Davidson has already appeared in some key sketches, and just like Jones, has made some key appearances on Weekend Update. The question is whether or not Jones will be able to stand out and last longer than a single season.

However, when you consider the lack of diversity before the hiring of Zamata and now Jones, their place on the cast seems pretty solid. However, Zamata has yet to really prove that she deserves to be part of the cast, with only a few notable and memorable appearances. Anyway, there’s still time for both Jones and Zamata to make an impression and prove they have what it takes to stick around.

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