‘Let the Right One In’ Getting Adapted Again, This Time as a TV Series on A&E

By March 18, 2015

After getting two film adaptations in Sweden and the United States, John Ajvide Lindqvist will see his novel Let the Right One In get taken to screen yet again.

However, as THR reports, this time it will be heading to the small screen in the form of a new television series on A&E. The network won a bidding war against Showtime for the property from “Teen Wolf” showrunner Jeff Davis and actor/screenwriter Brandon Boyce.

For those who don’t know, Let the Right One In is a Swedish novel from 2008 about a bullied 12-year old boy named Oskar who meets and falls for his peculiar neighbor Eli, a young girl who can’t be in the sunlight, doesn’t eat food and always needs to be invited inside. Eli is a young vampire girl, and when Oskar learns that she needs blood to lives, it’s the ultimate test in love and loyalty.

Let Me In

The book was adapted in Sweden with Lindqvist writing the screenplay himself for Tomas Alfredson to direct. In the United States, the author helped director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) adapt the book for a new version set in America in the 80s starring Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Both were special in their own ways, giving a fresh perspective on vampires when Twilight was ruining them.

While the odd coming-of-age story was perfect for the big screen, how will this work in a TV series? Well, the story is being adapted to follow the female vampire, living in secrecy with her mysterious guardian (basically continuing where the film left off). And the serial aspect comes into play when the small Vermont town where they reside suddenly becomes the crime scene of a series of strange murders. This brings a federal marshal into town who has a mysterious past of his own. Could he be a vampire too? Or maybe a werewolf?

This seems like a bit of a stretch for Let the Right One In, but at the same time, if FX can turn “Fargo” into an anthology series, maybe there’s some potential here. And if Showtime was bidding to try and land the series adaptation, there must be something good here. We’ll definitely keep our eye on this one.

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