Let’s Recap: “Agent Carter” Episode 4: The Blitzkrieg Button

By January 29, 2015

When we last left Agent Carter two weeks ago (since the last episode was preempted for the president’s State of the Union address, I’m guessing) in the episode “Time and Tide,” we learned about Jarvis’ background, found some of Stark’s missing weapons, saw the death of a jerky SSR agent, and the introduction of a new tenant at the women’s hotel named Dottie Underwood. I guessed that Dottie was either an agent of Leviathan, one of Stark’s secret hired guns to add further protection for Peggy, or a whole new kink in the plans altogether.

This week, the action took a back seat to the story, but we learn that Jarvis is a terrible liar and one really cool weapon that I think I may see quite a bit this convention season.


And away we go!

Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) has smuggled himself back into the country, but because of Agent Krezminski’s murder by Green Suit (who is mysteriously absent from this episode), all SSR eyes are out for Stark blood, and therefore even the most secret hideout he has are staked out, forcing Peggy to sneak him into her room at The Griffith — a place Stark unsuccessfully tried to breach in the past –and is nearly busted by the hotel manager.


Stark then tells Peggy that she needs to recover one of the recovered weapons now in the hands of the SSR scientists (which is a funny scene in and of itself) known as “The Blitzkrieg Button,” which Stark says was created to knock out all power so that the Germans couldn’t find targets to bomb during night raids. The problem is that it melts the transmitters, so if used, the area would be without power until the whole infrastructure can be rebuilt. If it’s used in New York, well, let’s just say that would cause big problems. He gives her a dummy model sphere (below) so she can make a switch without being detected,and she’s off to SSR.


We later learn what Stark told Peggy is a big ol’ lie, but how learn is pretty interesting. More on that in a minute.

Earlier in the episode, Jarvis is dealing with two thugs who work for a man named Mink — the man Stark hired to smuggle him back into the country in a tricked out shipping container (complete with pool table). He finds himself in a bit of a spot when the thugs tell him it’s going to cost him more than the agreed upon $50k to get Stark back. While Peggy watches from afar, Jarvis tells the thugs he has an extra $50k in the suitcase, but pulls on his ear as he does it. When Peggy makes the switch in the lab and gets the actual BB, she of course opens it, only to discover that it’s not a button at all but a vial of some sort of red liquid. Upon confronting Jarvis in the car about the vial, he says he doesn’t know but rubs his earlobe once again; prompting her to tell Jarvis to never play poker as he has a horrible “tell.”


Things are about to come to a head at the Griffith as the aforementioned Mink, who crafts his own weapons — including a really cool six-shooter converted into a machine gun of sorts that was super cool — is also aware that Stark is hiding out with a woman in the hotel, and tries to get in as a florist. He tells Mrs. Busybody Manager he loves Peggy and wants to give them to her personally. She of course says “NO,” but says she’ll leave a message with the flowers and (stupidly) writes down the room number on a piece of paper for Mink to see. He then disappears before she can look up, and makes his way up the side of the building and with gun drawn, is nearly to Peggy’s door when Dottie comes out of her room and asks him if he is lost. Mink tells her to go back to her room, but she’s all about that pistol and says as much. And with a softly spoken “I WANT THAT,” Dottie does some wall parkour before breaking Mink’s neck. And that’s the end of that.


Peggy is back in her room and when she confronts Stark about what exactly is in the vial, and he admits it’s a vial of Steve Rogers’ (yes, THAT Steve Rogers) blood, because his blood could save lives in the future. She punches him dead in the face, says that Steve’s blood is not for Stark to fill up his bank account, and warns him to never lie to her again. Blasting some jazz and armed with a hammer, she makes a hidey-hole behind a painting for said blood while her neighbor Dottie is in her own room admiring her newly acquired weapon, while a dead Mink is stashed under her bed.

P.S. Guess who the man behind the paper is?


There was some other things that went on but because the “B” story was just that, I’ve decided to give it a miss. However, I’m hoping Mink’s death has some repercussions down the line; otherwise it’s another case of wasting a great talent in a small role.

But the BIG question on everyone’s mind: is Dottie Underwood a Romanov and mother to you-know-who? Maybe not, but apparently she does have some kind of connection with the woman we know today as Black Widow…


Stay tuned!

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