Let’s Recap: ‘Agent Carter’ Episode 7 “Snafu”

By February 18, 2015

Things are getting really hairy now.

Last week, we saw the arrest and initial interrogation of Agent Carter after being branded a traitor; this week we get more insight (and sadly, more death).

In a flashback, we see the full extent of Dr. Ivchenko’s hypnosis powers as he puts a wounded soldier in a trance (due to the fact that the mobile hospital has run out of painkillers) whilst the surgeons amputate his leg. Pretty fascinating stuff but scary to know that Ivchenko is THAT good — the evil sumbitch.

(Before we move on, “SNAFU” stands for “Situation Normal All F‘d Up”)

Back in the interrogation room, her colleagues accusing her of being a spy and therefore MUST be banging Howard Stark- as if that’s the ONLY reason she would be helping Stark – so gross.


Enter Jarvis with a “signed confession” from Howard Stark that paints Carter as some hapless female caught in the middle, which the agents buy but Carter does not. After getting Jarvis to admit he can’t find Stark and wrote the confession himself, a pissed-off Carter tells Dooley the confession is a fake AND they need to listen to her (which they don’t).

Whilst Jarvis and Carter sit alone in meeting room, they notice Ivchenko tapping something out Morse code on the windowsill; the translation basically says “Leviathan is coming, 90 minutes to clear out.”

Carter and Jarvis alert Dooley and regains his, Thompson and Sousa’s trust somewhat when she shows them the one thing Stark asked her to steal from S.S.R. HQ: the vial containing Steve Rogers’ blood. Dooley sends Sousa to the building across the street to confirm Carter and Jarvis’ story (which he does), things start to really shift into gear.


However, things do not bode well for Dooley. After he tells Ivchenko to get away from the window (for safety reasons), he tells the other agents not to let him out of sight…but sadly when Dooley and Ivchenko are alone in the room, Ivchenko successfully puts Dooley in a trance.


Dooley locks Carter and Jarvis together in a private interrogation room and heads to meet Ivchenko in the lab, where they grab “Item #17” and Ivchenko finds interest in what looks like a flak jacket but (as we learn later) is much more dangerous.  As Dooley and Ivchenko calmly walk out the front door of HQ (with Dooley holding said “#17”) Dooley is hesitant to hand the item over to Ivchenko, saying “I feel like I should keep this.” Ivchenko informs him he has more to do, with Dooley handing over the case and presumably goes home for weekly family dinner (talking about it is how Ivchenko was able to hypnotize him).


We get to see a slice of Dooley’s home life and it seems exactly what his home would be like – loving yet strained due to his job. But sadly we realize he’s still in the trance and when awakened by Carter and the others, we see him wearing the very same vest Ivchenko was admiring earlier in the lab. The vest – activated when the clasps were fastened – is some kind of Stark protection armor Jarvis explains wasn’t quite ready with one of the main problems being it heats up and any attempt to remove it will accelerate the process even further.


Dooley, realizing there’s no way out of this, makes Carter promise she’ll “get the son of a bitch who did this,” then valiantly runs, shoots out a window and jumps – exploding on the way down.

With one episode left and NO IDEA what was in Crate #17, looks like the series finale is gonna be balls-out fun.

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