Let’s Recap: ‘Agent Carter’ Finale – “Valediction”

By February 26, 2015

LAST WEEK, we learned how powerful Dr. Ivchenko’s hypnotist skills really are, which lead viewers to say goodbye to Chief Dooley in an explosive (pardon the pun) way as the evil doctor and his personal assassin, Dottie, made their escape.

This week, we learn precisely what was in crate #17 – a gas that causes anyone who inhales it to go into a murderous rage – including a theatre of forty seven AND Agent Sousa. Discovered by an arguing couple who were late for the movie (because the husband refused to pay for parking), the SSR quickly ascend on said movie house (which you L.A. residents will recognize as the Orpheum Theatre over on S. Broadway). When Sousa finds a canister under one of the seats with the Stark Industries brand, the canister spritzes a small amount in his face – which then causes him to fly into a murderous rage, nearly strangling Agent Thompson to death and punching Agent Carter in the face before being knocked out.

It is then that Howard Stark comes out of hiding and into SSR HQ, which to him, has crappy security (even if it IS the same security system used by The White House). He says the name of said airborne weapon is “Midnight Oil,” but that was NOT what it was created for. Let’s be real, though: sooner or later, that’s what it would be USED for. Watching Stark with his inventions also gives insight to why his son Tony (Iron Man) is the way he is with the whole “Don’t touch my stuff” attitude, which is quite amusing.

Then Stark in his Stark way devise a plan to get Dottie and Ivchenko to come out of hiding by way of a very public press conference at SSR HQ.

When Dottie and Ivchenko – who we learn is actually a man known as Johann Fennhoff (a.k.a. Doctor Faustus) – decide to unleash Midnight Oil upon the world themselves, they’re delightfully sidelined by the news that Stark is not only IN New York but about to speak to the press. By staging a red herring assassination attempt on Stark during the press conference, Stark is unknowingly whisked away by a police officer under Fennhoff’s spell.

At first, no one knows where they could’ve taken Stark but they HAVE figured out that Fennhoff plans to unleash M.O. on an unsuspecting 100k+ crowd gathering in Times Square to celebrate VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). The agents are desperately trying to figure out just HOW the M.O. will be released – as they’ve grounded every plane in the area AND confiscated all of Stark’s toys…until Jarvis reveals there was one “vault” that they didn’t grab…which of course Dottie knew about when she honeypotted Stark six months earlier into showing her his secret treasure trove that includes – you guessed it, airplanes.

NOW we finally learn about what happened at the Battle of Finow, as well as WHY Fennhoff wanted the weapon and Stark so badly: Stark and the oil are responsible for the deaths of the Russian soldiers that include members of Fennhoff’s family. Remember Leet Brannis (James Frain) and the assassin known as “Green Suit” (a.k.a. Sasha Demidov)? Turns out they were ALSO part of that unit but survived after having their larynxes removed from the damage the gas caused.

We also learn (via Fennhoff’s powers) that Stark carries incredible guilt for not being able to find Steve/Captain America when his plane went down. Fennhoff uses this to get Stark to fly a plane filled with M.O., sending him on his way toward Times Square – while Stark himself sees nothing but snow and hears nothing but Fennhoff in his ear while flying toward The Statue of Liberty.

Jarvis, Carter and company arrive at the hangar JUST as Stark is taking off. Carter and Dottie have a wicked girl fight while Fennhoff tries to make his escape; Thompson warning Sousa NOT to let Fennhoff start talking and Sousa saying for him to do the same. Fennhoff ambushes Thompson with a bat, rendering him unconscious and as Sousa approaches, Fennhoff starts to work his magic on Sousa – eventually telling him that if he kills the now awake Thompson, the pain will all go away. But the joke’s on Fennhoff when Sousa gets right by him, making like he’s going to actually kill Thompson, cold cocks him with his service revolver, then reveals that he’d been wearing earplugs.

Once the epic girl fight ends, Jarvis is sent in the second plane with instructions to shoot Stark down if Carter isn’t able to break Fennhoff’s trance – which brings MUCH hesitation on Jarvis’ part. She then does something we’ve never heard her do before: talk about how much she really and truly loved Steve Rogers.

Once Carter is able to bring Stark out of the trance and basically saves the world – she returns to SSR HQ, greeted by rousing applause by her colleagues, including Agent Sexis- I mean, Thompson, who commends her and offers her her job back, then takes all the credit for the victory when a powerful politician comes by and mistakenly credits HIM for a job well done. When Sousa angrily asks why Carter let him get away with that, Carter says she doesn’t need accolades to know she’s good at her job.

Stark also gives Carter and Angie (remember her?) full use of one of his apartments that – to Angie’s delight – has a telephone in every room. As she happily runs off to make a call, Jarvis has another gift for Carter…

All seems right with the world BUT is it really? After being launched out the office window and seemingly killed by Agent Carter, Dottie is nowhere to be found (leaving only a couple puddles of blood and bloody heelprints) and Fennhoff is in prison fitted with a face mask that’ll never allow him to talk.


HOWEVER, it’s the appearance of Fennhoff’s cellmate (above) that opens the floodgates for some great opportunities – that HOPEFULLY includes a season 2!

So what did you darlings think of the series and introduction of Dr. Zola at the very end? Did “Agent Carter” meet or better your expectations? For me, it went ABOVE AND BEYOND anything I could dream of and makes me want to cosplay as Agent Carter even more. Because to me, she IS a superhero.

Fingers crossed for season 2!

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