Let’s Review: Star Wars Saga In 60 Minutes

By August 6, 2012

Whenever anyone decides to approach anything Star Wars related, fans tend to get a little leery and cynical but much like an Ewok, will check out the noise to see what the hell’s going on.

This was the case as I found myself in a theatre to see a play called…

Now, I should explain that while I AM a Star Wars fangirl, I am NOT a fanatic but more an enthusiast. Yes, half my t-shirt wardrobe is SW related and yes, I have an SW handbag and yes, I was the girl who angrily yelled “EW!” when I saw the “Hayden Christensen” Anakin replace the original in the ROTJ remaster BUT I am NOT the kid who’d camp out in line for days to see a film.

All I wanted was to see a play about one of my favorite franchises and walk out with a smile on my face.

And that is what I got.

Writer/director/cast member Patrick Gorman succeeds with delivering a tongue-in-cheek look at all six films and true to form, starts the play the same order we as fans saw these films (4,5,6, and 1,2,3) – utilizing the best lines from every movie without irony and a really fun Easter egg moment (which I refuse to give away) that has to be seen to be appreciated, SW in 60 has it all.

And of course, each chapter begins with the beloved “A long time ago…” from each respective film.

I also loved the use of levels, minimal set decoration and utilizing the entire theatre (with some action occurring in the aisles) in order to make the audience feel a part of the show and that they’re experiencing something very special. This cast worked so well with an incredibly inventive use of props like pool toys and trash cans scored big laughs and made me think “Damn, I would’ve never thought of that; what a great idea!”

Mark Kelly as Han Solo and James Mathis III as Lando Calrissian

The entire cast is AMAZING and capture the spirit of the multiple characters they’re playing. Fans of Tenacious D’s “Lee” will recognize JR Reed as he deftly moves back and forth between the roles of Darth Vader/Chewie/Qui-Gon/Dooku and in an amazing bit of casting, James Mathis III (voice of Captain Typho in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, 2009-10) is not only cast as Captain Typho but does a DEAD ON imitation of Billy Dee Williams’ as Lando Calrissian and makes Jar Jar a guy you wouldn’t actually mind hanging out with for a few minutes (at a time).  Fans will also get a kick out of Megahn Perry’s rendition of Padme, Paul Stanko as Luke/Anakin, Mark Kelly’s Han Solo and Patrick Gorman’s Yoda…but again, you gotta be there in person to take in the awesome.

Patrick Gorman as Yoda and Paul Stanko as Luke.

My ONLY complaints were that the sound was a little wonky with occasional mics popping loudly and I would love if the action in the aisles (like Leia’s “Help me, Obi Wan) were positioned just a little further downstage because I nearly got whiplash trying to see what up but other than that, I left there with a sore jaw from laughing so hard.

Does Star Wars Saga in 60 Minutes deliver fond memories and tons of laughs? Yes. Should you see this show? ABSOLUTELY.

Wanna see it for yourself? You’ve got 2 more weekends! Go here for showtimes and to buy tickets!  Feel free to come in cosplay, tons of people did!

Trust me. Use The Force, buy some tickets, see the show – you won’t be sorry.


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