Like-A-Hug Vest Turns The World Into A Virtual Cuddle Party

By October 6, 2012

In a world of Facebook “Likes” and tweets, we seem to interact with each other more than ever, and yet we have less physical contact than ever, so designer Melissa Chow has designed a vest that turns your Facebook “Likes” into something that kinda, sorta, might feel similar to a hug…maybe.

So you can send hugs to your friends and they can send hugs back, turning the world into your own private cuddle party.

A hug can release endorphins into the blood stream that can actually make a person ‘feel good’ and help fight depression. Hugs can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce the production of cortisol (hormones that are secreted during stressful periods) and thereby improve one’s immunity against disease.

I wonder if the Hug-A-Vest will be covered by Obamacare.

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