Linda Blair to Appear at Screening of ‘The Exorcist’ in Eagle Rock

By October 7, 2014

This year is flying by, and we’re already a week into October – so you know what that means: an onslaught of horror and Halloween-related content will soon be flooding your social media feeds (if it isn’t already). October is obviously a time to celebrate scary movies, and for mainstream audiences back in 1973, it didn’t get much scarier than The Exorcist. The star of that film, Linda Blair, actually just stopped by the GeekNation studios to answer a bunch of Twitter questions on today’s episode of Tweet Out, so check that out below if you haven’t already:

Linda Blair will actually be appearing at a screening of The Exorcist in Eagle Rock, California on October 18th, 2014, so if you’re in the area, you should head that way.

Street Food Cinema Exorcist

Street Food Cinema, a cool organization that GeekNation is going to be working with in the coming months, is hosting the screening, and they also have a handful of other cool events coming up this month that horror movie fans will likely enjoy (including screenings of Gremlins, The Conjuring, and The Shining). Head to their website for more info, and be sure to tell Linda that GeekNation sent you if you get a chance to meet her later this month.

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