Lionsgate Could Be Planning New Prequels For ‘The Hunger Games’

By December 8, 2015

The Hunger Games franchise has gone under some fire as of late from fans. Many have come out and criticized Lionsgate’s choice to split the final novel in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, Mockingjay, into two separate films, with some arguing that the stretch detracted from the finale’s overall quality. While we were happy with the franchise’s conclusion, it’s easy to see why some fans might have been let down by some of the decisions made by the filmmakers in both the first and second parts.

Well, if you weren’t happy about that though, wait until you hear this.

Lionsgate’s Vice Chairman Michael Burns has revealed that the studio is considering making new prequels to the four Hunger Games films. While no specific plot details were mentioned, Burns did say that the prequels would be bringing back the arena elements from The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, which the final two Mockingjay films lacked, stating that, “If we went backwards there obviously would be arenas.

This comes as a part of a plan hinted at by Burns, with the studio hoping to make sure that the franchise will “live on and on“.

The problem with this is, that the reason fans were let down by the final two films in the franchise, wasn’t because they were missing the arenas, but because they felt the studio had let their business endeavors override the finale’s conclusion, delivering a somewhat low-key and disappointing end to their beloved series.

Again, I actually liked Mockingjay Part 2, a lot, and more than I had expected to going into it initially. However, the idea of making movies that take place before Katniss’ rebellion just sounds unnecessary at this point, and would, in my opinion, take away from some of the themes and central message of Suzanne Collins’ original source material. This could just be me, but when I heard this news, it was hard not to instantly sigh and roll my eyes.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • I honestly didn’t care for the original book when it came out, but enjoyed the movie more. The movie felt more human than the book did (which felt so cold and depressing that made it no fun to read, however logical or fitting to the story it might be).

    I have no problem with prequels to movies based upon books as a general concept. Movies are their own thing, and don’t have to stay true to book cannon. It’s its own thing. However, I don’t know if there is really a plot to be had in the prequels. I mean, you could go back and explore on of the previous victors from the series, but there isn’t the “anti-capitol” plot there to make it worthwhile. Unless you went star trek with it and explored the District 13 wars? Not sure about that. Maybe??

    • I couldn’t agree more. I thought that the movie improved upon a lot of the issues with the novel as well. That’s my problem with the idea of prequels for this specific franchise as well because what exactly would the story be? After already seeing Katniss’ rebellion, and its pay off, I feel like merely focusing on one specific victor in history wouldn’t feel like a satisfying enough story.

  • David Johnson

    Maybe if the Prequels went back to explain what caused the Arena in the first place.