Lose Your Mind with the Absolutely Bonkers ‘Too Many Cooks’ from Adult Swim

By November 8, 2014

After airing at 4am for a week straight at the end of last month, you may have just heard of a viral video before the weekend called “Too Many Cooks” from Adult Swim. And it’s one of the most absolutely brilliant, bonkers things ever.

For anyone who watched sitcoms during the 80s and 90s, at first this will feel all too familiar and harmlessly amusing. But if you stick with it (notice that it’s 11 minutes long), you’ll see that it quickly becomes something else entirely, and you just may lose your mind in the process. Just watch below and join us afterwards:

First of all, good luck getting that theme song out of your head. Second of all, good luck getting that machete killer out of your nightmares. Third of all, what in the hell was that?!

Seriously, this is such an amazing piece of pure madness, and I can’t believe that it’s 11 minutes long and ended up so dark and twisted. But then again this is Adult Swim we’re talking about, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised. So where the hell did it come from? Well, “Squidbillies” writer Chris “Casper” Kelly is the madman behind this gem, and he explains to EW:

I think it was probably one of those shower ideas that you don’t know what to do with, and I knew Adult Swim was making 11-minute shorts…and also, I’m just a fan of that kind of humor where you repeat something ad nauseum and then it becomes funny again. I’ve never done that, and I wanted to try that. But it’s a little scary because it’s dangerous territory. I mentioned it to some coworkers here at Adult Swim, and they called it to my boss, and he said ‘Do it.’

Too Many Cooks

How did he even pitch this idea? He explains:

I said, ‘It’s basically a show open, a fake sitcom where characters look and smile and their name comes up, and then it just doesn’t stop.’ And he said, rightly, ‘That’ll get you about four minutes, but you’re going to need to start zigging and zagging after that.’ And he was right. As soon as you get the idea of the pattern that we’re changing genres, then you want to zag it again, just when you start to get bored.

Also, for a fun fact, all the names used in “Too Many Cooks” are people’s real names, and the actors weren’t really sure what they were signing up for while making it. If you want a little more information from Kelly, go read EW’s entire interview with him right here. And while you’re at it, contribute to your insanity and go watch it again.

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