Love ‘Buffy’? Then You Might Actually Like ‘Lucifer’

By November 15, 2016


Sorry Buffyverse fans. There are no plans to bring Buffy the Vampire Slayer back anytime soon.

But if you’re looking for something close, it might be worth checking out the Fox series Lucifer. Why? Because at least according to actor D.B. Woodside, it’s the closest thing Buffy fans can get right now.

And Woodside should know. He played principal Robin Wood at Sunnydale High School in Buffy‘s final season. And now, as he talks to The Nerdist, he plays Amenadiel, the dark-winged angel who also happens to be Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) brother.

“The network was really struggling with how to promote this show, knowing what it really was. There’s no show on television like it. We’re the modern-day Buffy where we do comedy and then we can spin it and do hardcore drama, and then at the same time, horror and this kind of supernatural thing that we do.

“We feel really comfortable in that now, knowing that we don’t have to be one thing. In television nowadays, that’s so hard. Everyone wants to identify a show as this is what it is. So when you have a shot that doesn’t aspire to be one thing, I think it confuses people because we become a little bit overly simplistic, and this show refuses to do that.

“We are what we are. There is no other show on TV like us, and we’re proud of that.”

Fox is becoming accustomed to that as well. The network recently gave Luciferfull second season. Those 22 episodes will exceed the 13 produced for the first season.

Although the show is a lot like Buffy in many different ways, Aimee Garcia – who plays Los Angeles Police Department forensic scientist Ella Lopez – said this past Monday’s episode was a direct tribute to Joss Whedon’s creation. Although there were some heavy moments between her character and Ellis’ Lucifer, there were some light moments that would put a smile on anyone’s face still holding out for Buffy and Spike.

The episode, “Trip to Stabby Town,” has Ellis’ Lucifer looking for the blade of Azrael, which has been used in a series of stabbings that somehow ties all back to a, wait for it, yoga studio.

Lucifer airs Mondays on Fox.

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