‘Mad Max’ Black & Chrome Edition Set to Be Released This Winter

By September 15, 2016

Ever since director George Miller first revealed that there was an alternate, ultimate black and white version of Mad Max: Fury Road, one of the most beloved and critically-acclaimed action films of recent memory, fans of the movie have been eagerly awaiting its release. Originally said to be included on the film’s first blu ray though, it’s been an unfortunate mystery as to when the alternate cut would be released, which is said to be without dialogue and will be composed of only music and a B&W version of the film.

However, the news came earlier this year that it was possible fans would be getting the “Black & Chrome” version of Fury Road sometime in 2016, though the actual truth behind the report seemed unclear, to say the least.

Thanks to Comingsoon.net though, it looks like we finally, officially know when we’ll get to see this long-awaited alternate version of the film, with the announcement of the Mad Max High Octane Collection release, that will not only come with the alternate cut, but with a blu ray version of Mad Max: Black & Chrome Edition also being released separately as well. Check out the official blu ray cover art below:

Mad-Max-High-Octane-Collection-Blu-Ray Mad-Max-Black-and-Chrome-Edition-Blu-Ray-Cover

In addition to the two versions of Fury Road though, the Black & Chrome blu ray will also come with a special introductory piece from George Miller himself, explaining his vision and reasoning behind the alternate cut of Fury Road. Here is the full list of features and films included with the High Octane Collection as well:

  • Fury Road “Black & Chrome” Edition – Witness the surreal black and white version of mastermind George Miller’s Fury Road.
  • George Miller Introduction to the Mad Max Fury Road: Black and Chrome Edition – Special introductory piece by George Miller describing his vision.
  • Road War – In 1982, the world was blindsided by George Miller’s masterpiece of apocalyptic destruction: The Road Warrior. For the first time ever George Miller, Terry Hayes and star Mel Gibson tell the story of the car-crushing production that redefined action cinema forever.
  • Madness of Max – The previously released Mad Max (1979) documentary is a feature-length documentary on the making of arguably the most influential movie of the past thirty years. With over forty cast-and-crew interviews, hundreds of behind-the-scenes photographs and never-before-seen film footage of the shoot, this is, without a doubt, the last word on Mad Max (1979). Interviews include: George Miller, Byron Kennedy, Mel Gibson, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Steve Bisley, Roger Ward, Joanne Samuel, David Eggby, Jon Dowding and many more. From the Producers to the Bike Designers to the Traffic Stoppers, this is the story of how Mad Max was made.

So yes, after over a year of waiting, it looks like Fury Road fans will finally be able to return to the world of Fury Road on blu ray once again, all shiny and chrome (literally).

Mad Max: Black & Chrome is going to be released on DVD and blu ray on December 6th, 2016.

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