‘Magnum PI’ Sequel in the Works at ABC

By September 22, 2016

Bringing back beloved old TV titles, whether it be as a sequel, reboot, or TV reimagining of a film property, it’s safe to say that the TV market is starting to become clogged up with familiar properties and returning characters similar to how films have nowadays as well. The latest victim of this continuing trend has been revealed today also.

Suffice it to say, time to break out your Hawaiian shirts from your closet again.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a new sequel series to Magnum PI is currently in the works at ABC as a script commitment with a penalty, basically meaning that the network has agreed to shoot and air whatever pilot for this series that they create, or face a fee if they in any way don’t fulfill their end of the bargain.

The series is said to follow a younger Magnum as she comes to Hawaii living in her father’s legacy, following the same action and procedural format of the original series, as Lily attempts to find the truth behind the mystery that was responsible for ending her Naval Intelligence career.

Honestly, at this point, with Lethal Weapon making its premiere this week as well, we all probably should have seen this one coming miles away, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we’d rather if Magnum just stay where it was.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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