Major Cast Shake-Up Could Plague ‘The Crown’ After Next Season

By January 10, 2017

It’s one of Netflix’s most expensive series of all times, even winning two Golden Globes last weekend. But The Crown is making it clear right away – don’t get attached to any of the actors, including Queen Elizabeth II herself, Claire Foy.

Don’t worry, the premium streaming service isn’t looking to pull a Game of Thrones. Instead, there’s a much more practical reason behind pending cast changes: Foy and other actors simply can’t age fast enough to continue the decade jumping featured in the life of Britain’s 90-year-old monarch.

Peter Morgan, who created the show as a way to create a decade-by-decade look at Elizabeth’s rule, told reporters that the danger of taking on “a story about someone with a long life is that the story goes on and on and on.”

In fact, the first season only takes us to 1955, with Season 2 moving swiftly through the years to 1964.

By the time the third season is over, however, the show will be well into the 1970s. And by then, it will be long time for change, Morgan told TVLine.

“At the end of Season 2, we will have to start thinking about a new cast. Our stars will have reached the limits of how long they can play this.”

But who that will be, Morgan can’t say – simply because he doesn’t even know. As he told reporters, he hasn’t even begun those conversations with Netflix quite yet.

Golden Globe-winning Foy is joined by Doctor Who alum Matt Smith has her husband, Prince Philip, as well as an ensemble cast that – at least in the first season – included John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret, Alex Jennings as Prince Edward and Ben Miles as Peter Townsend.

Netflix quickly ordered a second season of the show, and it’s believed six seasons are planned in all to cover all six decades of the queen’s reign.

The Crown not only celebrated Foy winning a Golden Globe, but the series itself also earned recognition for best drama.

The second season will likely come at the end of the year.

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