Make It So: Netflix is Reportedly in Talks For Exclusive New ‘Star Trek’ Series

By June 10, 2014

Take this with a grain of salt, but this could be huge news: as the headline indicates, Netflix is reportedly in talks to host a new “Star Trek” television series.

The news originated from Starfleet Intelligence (via and says that during this past Saturday’s Phoenix Comicon, writer/producer Larry Nemecek (who wrote an episode of “Star Trek: Voyager” and is producing and directing a documentary called The Con of Wrath right now) said that Netflix has approached CBS about “hosting” a new “Star Trek” series that would be exclusive to the streaming company. Here’s an excerpt from their report:

The streaming provider, we were told, followed-up with a formal proposal in which any new potential Trek series becoming a “Netflix Original” with Netflix producing the series entirely.

An added twist to this proposal, however, would provide CBS, license owners to Star Trek, “royalties” for every individual viewing of an episode (of the proposed series) on Netflix.

Starship Enterprise

If this is true, I’m fairly certain this would be the first deal of its kind. Starfleet Intelligence claims that even though Netflix doesn’t release data that show how many people watch specific programs or films through their service, Nielsen Media has declared “Star Trek” to be the most-streamed television show on Netflix. Again, I’m not sure how they know that, or if it’s even true.

But putting aside the legal implications and licensing headaches, this would be the first “Star Trek” series since the end of “Enterprise” back in 2005. There’s no word on whether this would take place in the JJ Abrams timeline of the new films, or what kind of stories would be told at all, but there are infinite possibilities for storytelling within the universe Gene Roddenberry created. It’s safe to guess that the cast for Abrams’ new movies wouldn’t sign on to star in a TV series like this, but with the original series debuting in 1966 and the franchise’s 50th anniversary coming up in two years, it seems like a no-brainer to kickstart another TV series in some form or another. Whether that happens at Netflix or elsewhere (or at all, really) remains to be seen, but this is an intriguing rumor nonetheless.

Would you watch a new Netflix-exclusive “Star Trek” series?

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  • Wayne

    I could watch a reboot of TNG but in the JJ Abrams universe. I still think a cartoon series based of the current JJ Abrams movies would work or just another crew from another Constitution class starship in the same time period as the current movies works for me.