Man In White Won’t Spoil ‘Westworld’ For You

By October 25, 2016


If you’re looking to test some of your Westworld fan theories (and hey, we have some, too!) on one of the HBO show’s actors, maybe go find Ed Harris.

harris102516Jimmi Simpson, who plays “Man in White” William on Westworld, says he had to agonize over what’s going to happen next between reading episode scripts, so fans will have to do the same agonizing between actual episodes. While he might actually know the relationship between his character and Harris’ “Man in Black,” he wasn’t sharing any of those details with The Hollywood Reporter.

“We literally all did this every time we got a script: ‘Oh my God! This is happening! She’s this, and she’s not this!’ Then we were generally wrong, but sometimes, we were a shade right, and you would feel like a genius for somehow figuring out Jonah (Nolan) and Lisa (Joy)’s brilliant puzzle.”

Does that puzzle include one major theory circulating the Internet that Simpson’s William is nothing more than the younger version of Harris’ yet-to-be-named player?

“First of all, I’m just flattered, because that man is so bad ass. Second of all, I can’t comment on anything. I wish I could say how wrong or right you are, but you guys have to wait just like we did.”

In fact, fans might be spending too much time trying to figure out what Simpson and Harris are up to, adding Westworld is all about the hosts … aka the robots.

The most recent episode of Westworld has complicated William’s worldview a bit after suddenly finding himself protecting one of the hosts, Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood. She popped up in a bounty hunting mission gone awry as the only host William has shown any interest in at all.

“He’s been trying to figure out how to make this adventure be OK for this new being he’s run into. So it’s complicated that much more. So no, he’s really not at all thrilled. But that’s the joy of Westworld. He doesn’t get to make all of his choices. He’s choosing to get to know this new being as opposed to have his way with her.”

There still seems much more to come on Westworld, which airs Sundays on HBO.

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