Mark Hamill Made The Greatest Voicemail Ever as The Joker For Jim Lee

By August 10, 2016

Listen, you may be cool alright, whoever it is that’s reading this, but the fact of the matter is that none of us will ever be as cool as getting-Mark-Hamill-to-do-your-voicemail-as-The-Joker cool.

After just receiving critical acclaim for his performance as the iconic villain in Batman: The Killing Joke, a film that has been met with mostly mixed reviews, though many have called it is his best performance as the character to date, Mark Hamill continues to ride high in the DC fan community as possibly the best actor to play The Joker to date.

DC Comics co-publisher and comic book legend, Jim Lee, recently revealed a treat that Hamill made for him with fans online as well, revealing his new voicemail to be none other than a customized message from Hamill as The Joker, made specifically for Lee himself.

Check it out below, and be prepared to let the envy flow through you:

A worthy candidate for best voicemail ever? Yeah, I’d say so.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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