Mark Ruffalo Talks More About Solo Hulk Film; Says ‘Planet Hulk’ Isn’t The Way to Go

By June 30, 2014

It seems like every few weeks, someone asks Mark Ruffalo about his thoughts on a solo Hulk movie. He’s talked about the idea for a long time – even recently confirming that Marvel is finally “entertaining the idea” – but he’s rarely talked about the rumor that a standalone Hulk film would follow the Planet Hulk storyline from the comics and the animated feature of the same name. Speaking with MTV about his new movie Begin Again, Ruffalo addressed those rumors head on. Check it out below:


You may have noticed that he didn’t completely shut the door on the idea. “I don’t think that’s the way to go yet. I think you need more Banner.” That word “yet” is very important, because that may indicate that he and Marvel have had conversations about possibly doing that storyline at some point in the future. Considering Marvel’s announced schedule so far, we’re guessing that they might try to fit in a non-Planet Hulk film sometime in the next few years, but if they did end up tackling that storyline, it would have to be after the third Avengers movie.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Planet Hulk movie eventually? Or do you think there’s a better storyline they could utilize for a solo film?

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  • SagaciousT

    i think he’s half right. I think Planet Hulk is a great storyline, but it should come after at least one or maybe two more solo Hulk films. We need to establish more of the risk vs reward struggle that the Avengers are accepting in keeping the Hulk around on the team. So far we’ve seen Banner and Hulk persecuted by the military and the used as a weapon of earth against interplanetary invaders. We haven’t spent any time building those two personas and seeing what the Banner & Hulk can do, both good and bad, on his (their) own terms.

  • Chris Hoskins

    They need to quit tip toeing around the idea of Planet Hulk. As I watch every movie with the Hulk I keep waiting for him to get pissed off and show what everybody paid their $8-$15 to see….”HULK SMASH” Leave the love story out of it and get to some destruction!!!!

    • Can’t disagree with that! I don’t think anyone is paying to see it for the relationship.