Mark Wahlberg Teases Mini-Dinobots in ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’?

By September 26, 2016

At this point, it sounds more and more like Transformers: The Last Knight is going to be the absolute goofiest installment in the franchise yet, which is saying something considering some of the previous films’ unforgivable sins. I suppose, with this apparently being Michael Bay’s last time working as director on the film though, what better way for the filmmaker to say farewell to the franchise than in the silliest and most explosion-iest way possible, right?

After already confirming and casting King Arthur’s role in the film (yes, you read that right), it looks like things are just going to get even weirder in The Last Knight, by apparently shrinking some of the franchise’s most recent introductions?

During a recent Facebook Q&A, the film’s lead human star Mark Wahlberg teased that fans are going to love The Last Knight‘s “mini-dinobots” when asked about the film:

“It’s a cool new story. It’s kind of like a ‘man-on-the-run. Sir Anthony Hopkins is also in the film. We got a cool new cast. And cool new robots. Cool new villains. And some cool new Dinobots. I think you guys are really gonna go crazy for the Mini-Dinobots.”

So in addition to tying in the lore of the Autobots and Decepticon apparently with King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, the film will also be about Wahlberg’s character being forced to go on the run, with some mini-dinobot pals I guess?

Honestly, this movie sounds about as ridiculous as you can get, but maybe just maybe, The Last Knight could end up embracing its silly roots and story elements, instead of somehow continuing the franchise’s obnoxious habit of taking itself way too seriously.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to hit theatres on June 23rd, 2017.

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