Marvel Adds More “Seoul” To Their Comics With Addition of Korean Hero White Fox To U.S. Brand

By November 20, 2014

This is not a drill.

Having JUST been introduced in the Marvel Korea webcomic, “Avengers: Electric Rain” a mere five weeks ago, Korean heroine White Fox will now be brought to the U.S. brand for our enjoyment!

Did I also mention she was created OUTSIDE the Marvel universe AND based on the Korean myth of the nine-tailed fox?! If that doesn’t get you excited, man, then you need to up your caffeine intake! KIDDING!

Created by Young Hoon Ko – who also brought the character to Marvel himself – for a webcomic (or webtoon) after Marvel signed off on her, the Disney Korea and Daum (a Korean webportal) unleashed her presence upon Korea this last October 10th…and the crowd went NUTS.

Holy balls, right?! As someone who is proud to be part-Korean, I did have a sigh of relief and a bit of a giggle to see that the Korean sensibilities and rules of modesty I knew growing up were not lost when it comes to White Fox – as she is (almost) fully dressed.


But holy cow, her, uh, “lungs” are quite large, no? Whatever, still love her.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, THR reports that Marvel’s SVP C.B. Cebulski announced at Seoul’s DICON (Digital Content) Conference that Marvel wants to bring her stateside and she’ll be “added to their comic book continuity in the near future,” but it’s not known whether or not she’ll be an Avenger when she makes her debut.

White Fox’s origin is revealed in issue #9 of “Avengers: Electric Rain” and while it was originally written in Korean, you CAN find a couple sites that have provided an English translation. Pop Mythology has the first six issues translated and I have to tell you guys: I’m LOVING it. She’ll also have a bestie when she and another Asian-American heroine, Silk (Spider-Man) make their respective debuts.

I’d LOVE to know what you darlings think of this! Sound off in the comments below!

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