Marvel Announces a New Captain America on ‘The Colbert Report’

By July 17, 2014

The next big Marvel comics announcement (after the female Thor was unveiled on “The View” earlier this week) is that we’re getting a brand new Captain America! Marvel CCO Joe Quesada dropped by “The Colbert Report” to let the world know that Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon, is going to be the new Captain America in the upcoming “All-New Captain America #1” by series writer Rick Remender (“Captain America,” “Uncanny Avengers”) and series artist Stuart Immonen (“All-New X-Men”).

Remender said in an interview on, “Sam wants to lead by example. To help people see their own selfishness and to turn it around. To build better communities, to never forget the little guy…Sam follows his heart and his belief in what the American dream means and how it belongs to everyone.”

The Falcon

But wait! What about Steve Rogers? Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says, “Steve’s spirit is as willing as ever, but his body is no longer up to the task of being Captain America. So he’ll employ his skills as the new Cap’s remote strategic advisor, running Cap’s missions from his headquarters in Avengers Mansion and providing Sam with technical support and field information from a distance. He’ll also tutor Sam in how to throw the shield, a skill that’s deceptively difficult for the new Cap to master. So Steve will continue to be a vital part of the series moving ahead.”

Editor Tom Brevoort stated, “While Sam shares many of Steve’s beliefs in a general sense, he’s also a very different person with a very different background. He didn’t grow up in the 1930s, he’s a modern day man in touch with the problems of the 21st Century. For most of his professional life, Sam has worked as a social worker, so he’s seen the worst of urban society up close, and how crime, poverty, lack of social structure and opportunity can affect the community. So he’s got perhaps a greater focus on the plight of the common man, and perhaps a greater empathy for the underprivileged than maybe even Steve himself. He’s also not a military man, so he’s more apt to be instinctively skeptical of any situation that calls for just following orders. Sam, like Steve, will be led by his personal morality and beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong—and where his beliefs may differ in their shading from those of the previous Cap are where the interesting stories will be found.”

Sam Wilson Full Cap

So, what do you think of Sam taking on the shield? Will this decision eventually carry over to the Marvel cinematic universe? Will Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson take over for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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