Marvel Brings Back Steve Rogers As Captain America (With A New Weapon)

By January 21, 2016

Steve Rogers is back as Captain America.

Capsicle previously had his super serum drained from him and was forced to hand the shield over to the Falcon, Sam Wilson. Since, Steve Rogers role has simply been to mentor the new man with the shield in a series that has become far more political and focused on current topics.

Get ready for a blast of good ole’ feel good HYDRA butt kicking because Steve is coming back. Marvel has announced that this spring we’ll see a new series titled Captain America: Steve Rogers.

The series will feature the usual old school antics we’ve come to expect from the polite young man while also continuing the Sam Wilson storyline. Check out Cap’s new get up below:




Coming from a guy who was never really a fan of the old school shield? That actually looks pretty sweet. Oh, it’s also functional you say? Turns into an energy blade for attacks? What is this Batman? Check out the awesomeness below.



Can’t forget to show you that issue #1 either….


Fans of the newer straight from the headlines format, fear not; the Sam Wilson storyline will also continue. Sam will also be keeping the Captain America title and the original shield. We’re just getting the best of both worlds now.

You know how it goes in comic book land. This isn’t Game of Thrones; people come back to life. Hell, they’d probably bring back Sean Bean just to kill him again. Stay tuned in to GeekNation for more updates on awesome comic book character weaponry!

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